The Baring Prospectuses

The Baring Archive's collection of prospectuses has now been digitised. The collection documents over 300 transactions involving Barings and spans more than 100 years of the firm's history.

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Reference Client Country Date Notes Download
202240.1 Brazil, Government of Brazil 1922-05-04 Download document
202240.2 Brazil, Government of Brazil 1927-10-12 Download document
202240.3 Minas Geraes, State of Brazil 1928-03-19 Download document
202240.4 San Paulo, State of Brazil 1921-03-01 Download document
202240.5 San Paulo, State of Brazil 1926-03-22 Download document
202240.6 San Paulo, State of Brazil 1928-07-23 Download document
202240.7 San Paulo, State of Brazil 1930-04-25 Download document
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