Miscellaneous series

Baring Brothers Liverpool

Barings established a merchant house in Liverpool in 1832, also known as Baring Brothers, which undertook merchanting work and financed the trade of other merchants, especially those involved in the North American cotton trade. It was converted to an agency in 1891 and was wound up in the late-1970s. Very extensive correspondence with Barings in London survives in the Nineteenth Century Correspondence Archives [HC3.35 and AC] and from 1900 in Partners' Filing. The major series of Barings' Liverpool archives are as follows:

  • Barings London account ledgers, from 1833 to 1972 [24 vols]
  • General and Client ledgers, from 1832 to 1968 [11 vols]
  • Journals, from 1858 to 1978 [11 vols]
  • Cash books, from 1912 to 1979 [24 vols]
  • Correspondence relating to acceptance finance and consignment business
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