Baring Archive PhD scholarship opportunity on the Role of Slavery in the British Financial Sector

The Baring Archive is pleased to announce that a PhD scholarship focussed on the role of slavery in the British financial sector is being offered in partnership with the University of Leeds. The focus of the research project will be on the involvement of the City of London, and particularly Baring Brothers, with slavery in the 18th and early part of the 19th centuries.

The Baring Archive will be the primary source for the research project which will map the extent of the involvement of Baring Brothers with the slave economy and the contribution this involvement made to the business of Baring Brothers.

The scholarship is hosted at the School of History at the University of Leeds and the student will be supervised by a team led by Professor Manuel Barcia (Chair of Global History) and co-supervised by Dr Danielle Terrazas Williams (Lecturer in History of the Global South). The University of Leeds is recognised as a global centre for research in the arts and humanities, with a consistent record of performing exceptionally in UK measures of quality, excellence, and impact.

Funding for the scholarship is being provided jointly by Baring Asset Management Limited and ING Bank NV, London branch and follows the recommendations made by the Baring Archive Advisory Group to the Trustees of The Baring Archive in 2021. 

The Baring Archive Advisory Group was established in July 2020 by the Trustees of the Baring Archive, to consider, and advise the Trustees on, the records in the Archive that relate to financial activities associated with slavery.

Full details of the opportunity and how to apply are available on the University of Leeds website

Posted on Monday, 16th May 2022

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