Francis Baring portrait on loan to Bowood House

The Baring Archive’s portrait of Sir Francis Baring, founder of Barings is now on a long term loan to Bowood House.

Bowood House in Wiltshire has been home to the Lansdowne family since 1754 and houses a wealth of unique art and antiques with many historical treasures. Sir Francis’s portrait, painted by Benjamin West in 1804, now hangs in the Library.

This loan is particularly fitting as Sir Francis was a close friend of William Petty, Lord Shelburne, the 1st Marquess of Lansdowne (1737-1805). Sir Francis became a confidential advisor on commerce to Lord Shelburne or as a discontented William Cobbett described him his ‘handy City man’. Baring’s knowledge of North American merchants was particularly useful as Shelburne sought to reach a settlement to end the American War of Independence.

For more information on portraits in the Baring Archive visit the gallery.

The Library at Bowood
The Library at Bowood

Posted on Thursday, 21st June 2018

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