The Baring timeline

This timeline details key events and transactions in Barings' history from the 1760's to the present day.

1762The firm was established on Christmas Day as John & Francis Baring & Co, merchants.
1763The firm opened for business on New Year's Day.
1774Account opened for the first North American client.
1775Account opened for the first Russian client.
1783Won contract won to supply stores to the British army in North America.
1795First resident agent, Alexander Baring, sent to the USA.
1796British government bonds issued.
One million acres of land in the Territory of Maine acquired as an investment on joint account.
1801Managed the firm's first bond issue for an overseas client, the Kingdom of Portugal.
1803With Hope & Co of Amsterdam, issued US$11.25 million bonds to finance the USA's purchase of the Territory of Louisiana from France.
Appointed London agents of the United States government.
1817Lead managed bond issues for the government of France to finance reparation payments to the allies.
Appointed London agents of the Bank of the United States.
1824Managed the first bond issue for Argentina [Province of Buenos Aires].
1835Appointed London agents for the government of Upper Canada.
Appointed Russian government's agents in London.
1852Managed the firm's first major issue of railroad bonds to finance the Canadian Grand Trunk Railway.
1860Re-established ship management activities, especially the management of clipper ships bringing China tea to Britain.
1881Managed the firm's first bond issue for an Indian business, the Bengal Central Railway Co Ltd.
1882Managed the Italian Government Currency Stabilisation Loan.
1886Floated the private partnership of Arthur Guinness, Son & Co as a public company.
1890Reconstruction of Barings as a limited company, Baring Brothers & Co., Limited, following a liquiditiy crisis and rescue by a Bank of England loan.
1902Commenced business for the Japanese government through lead managing the first yen denominated bond issue in London.
1909Participated in the formation of the National Bank of Turkey.
Lead managed a bond issue for the City of Constantinople to finance the construction of the Karakeuy Bridge.
1914Advised the Russian government on raising wartime finance and handled the banking arrangements required for the government's sterling purchases of war supplies.
1920Advised major engineering company Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd on its reconstruction and refinancing.
1922Introduced the State of Czechoslovakia bonds to the international markets in order to finance monetary and infrastructure reconstruction.
1929Advised on the reorganisation of the Lancashire cotton textile industry through the formation of the Lancashire Cotton Corporation.
1930Managed the issue of bonds for Underground Electric Railways Co of London Ltd in order to finance the extension of the London Underground and the reconstruction of several central London stations.
Advised on the reconstruction of Argentina's external public debt.
1951Arranged the firm's first bond issue for the World Bank.
1955Established an Investment Department to undertake asset management.
1962Advised Courtaulds Ltd on its defence of a hostile takeover bid from ICI Ltd.
1966Became a founder shareholder in the Australian merchant bank of Martin Corp Group. Disposed of 1983.
1969Establishment of the Baring Foundation to receive 74 per cent of the equity of Baring Brothers & Co Limited.
1970Participated, with four other banks, in the formation of the consortium bank of London Multinational Bank Ltd. Sold interest in 1977.
1972Formed the Paris-based merchant bank of Baring Brothers SA.
1973With London Multinational Bank Ltd and Sanwa Bank formed Baring Sanwa Multinational Bank Ltd at Hong Kong and Singapore.
Participated, with three other banks, in the formation of ICON Ltd, merchant bankers at Lagos, Nigeria.
1974Opened a representative office at Tokyo.
Participated with other banks in the formation of Pertanian Malaysia Sanwa Multinational Berhad, merchant bankers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1978Bought out remaining shareholders in Hong Kong and Singapore joint venture Pertanian Malaysia Sanwa Multinational Berhad. Renamed Baring Brothers Asia Ltd.
Established a representative office in New York which was reorganised in 1979 as Baring Brothers Inc.
1983Formed Baring Brothers Halkerston & Partners Ltd, merchant bankers at Sydney, Australia.
1984Acquired Japanese broking business of Henderson Crosthwaite which was then incorporated as Baring Far East Securities Ltd. Renamed Baring Securities Ltd in 1986.
Baring Brothers Hambrecht & Quist Ltd formed to manage venture capital funds.
1985A holding company structure adopted. Barings Plc, now fully owned by the Baring Foundation, was the top level in the structure.
Wilson & Watford, London stockjobbers engaged in the gilt edged market, acquired and renamed Baring, Wilson & Watford.
Baring Securities admitted to membership of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1986Baring Brothers and Baring Securities opened a representative/research office at Seoul, Korea.
Baring Capital Investors Ltd formed to advise funds providing development capital, in particular for management buy-outs.
Baring Securities Inc established in New York.
1987Baring Securities [Singapore] Pte Ltd established.
1988Reorganisation of Barings' business in Paris through formation of Baring Brothers [France] SA to provide corporate finance advisory services.
Formation of Baring Brothers [Espana] Ltd to provide corporate finance advisory services.
Baring Research Ltd established at Bangkok.
Baring Securities Inc opened an office at Los Angeles.
1989Formation of Baring Brothers [Deutschland] GmbH at Frankfurt to provide corporate finance advisory services.
Formation of Baring Brothers [Italia] Srl to provide corporate finance advisory services.
Establishment of representative office at Osaka by Baring Securities. The office was upgraded to branch status in 1990.
Baring Securities opened branches at Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.
The top holding company for Barings' investment management services was renamed Baring Asset Management Ltd and the London based companies centralised at new premises in the Broadgate Centre.
1990Baring Research SA de CV opened at Mexico City. Baring Securities [Philippines] Inc established at Manila. Baring Securities [Taiwan] Ltd established at Taipei.
1991Acquired a 40 per cent interest in Dillon Read, New York investment bankers.
Baring Securities Argentina SA established at Buenos Aires.
1992Baring Brothers opened a corporate finance office at Mexico City.
Baring Securities do Brazil Ltda established at Sao Paulo.
Baring Securities [Andean Pact] Ltda formed at Bogota, Colombia.
1993Baring Securities Australian business merged with that of Mackintosh Securities Ltd.
Abbey National Baring Derivatives Ltd, a joint venture with Abbey National Plc, formed to do business in the interest swap options and currency swap markets.
Barings [Chile] Ltda established.
Baring Securities Inc Surcursal Del Peru established.
1994Established a corporate finance representative office at Buenos Aires.
1995Barings Plc became insolvent and its business was acquired by ING and later renamed ING Barings. Baring Brothers Ltd, Baring Brothers International Ltd and ING Baring Securities Ltd were initially the three major operating companies.
ING Barings in London moved to 60 London Wall.
2002ING Barings dropped the Barings from its name entirely.
2004ING Group finalised the sale of Baring Asset Management to MassMutual Financial Group and Northern Trust Corp.
2008The Baring Archive and associated historical portraits were loaned by ING to The Baring Archive Limited, a charitable company established by ING to manage the collections and develop their use as an educational resource.
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