Sir Edward Peacock

Sir Edward Peacock (1871-1962) was senior partner of Barings from 1929 until 1954. He was a Canadian by birth but spent virtually all of his working life in Britain.

In 1902 he joined Dominion Securities, a financial company based in Toronto. Five years later he was sent to London to manage the firm’s affairs there and as a result came into contact with the partners of Barings.

John Baring, 2nd Lord Revelstoke, was very impressed by Peacock and helped to secure his election to the Court of Directors of the Bank of England in 1921. This appointment was short-lived as by the end of 1923 Peacock had accepted an invitation to join Barings. Traditionally no firm had two representatives as directors at the Bank and Lord Revelstoke was also a director. However, on Revelstoke’s death in 1929 Peacock resumed his directorship and exercised significant influence on the Bank’s affairs until he stepped down in 1946.

Peacock brought to Barings an understanding of the modern needs of big business and consolidated the firm's leadership as a provider of corporate finance advisory services. Barings’ work included advising on the reconstruction of Armstrong Whitworth and the merger of over one hundred mills to form the Lancashire Cotton Corporation. From 1929 Peacock became the firm’s senior partner and led the house until his retirement in 1954.

He was married to Katherine Coates and they adopted two daughters. In 1934 he was knighted in recognition of his services to the royal family, for example in his role as Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall.

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