Exhibition: The Louisiana Purchase

26: Chronology of the Louisiana Purchase

  • 1682: Rene Robert Cavalier de la Salle claimed the Mississippi Valley for France.
  • 1762: France ceded Louisiana to Spain.
  • 1795: Treaty of San Lorenzo between USA and Spain, inter alia, opened Mississippi to US trade.
  • 1800, Oct 01: Treaty of Ildefonso between France and Spain secretly re-ceded Louisiana to France.
  • 1802, Mar 25: Treaty of Amiens between Britain and France brought temporary peace in Europe and resulted in the transfer of Louisiana to France becoming known publicly.
  • 1803, Jan: President Jefferson sent James Monroe to Europe to negotiate with France over New Orleans and Louisiana.
  • 1803, Apr 30: Treaty between France and USA ceded Louisiana to USA for US$15 million.
  • 1803, May 03: Contract between Hopes and Barings and French government for acquisition from government of US$11.25 million bonds for FF52 million (FF60 million nominal).
  • 1803, May 18: War resumed between Britain and France.
  • 1803, May 22: Ratification of April 30 1803 Treaty by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • 1803, Jul 30: FF52 million drafts handed by Hopes and Barings to Livingston with instructions that a third be handed to French government on notification that Alexander Baring had taken possession of a third of bonds in USA.
  • 1803, Oct 20: Ratification of April 30 1803 Treaty by US Senate.
  • 1803, Nov 10: Act of Congress authorising creation of US$11,375,000 stock.
  • 1803, Dec 20: Louisiana formally transferred to USA.
  • 1804, Jan 16: Treasury delivered US$3.75 million stock to Alexander Baring.
  • 1804, Feb 13: US$7.5 million stock delivered to the US Navy at New York for dispatch to Paris.
  • 1804, Mar: Confirmation received in Paris of bonds handed to Alexander Baring in America.
  • 1804, Apr 21: Hopes and Barings agreed to accelerate FF34.5 million payments to France receiving in return a FF1,675,000 discount.
  • 1804, Apr 25: US$7.5 million stock delivered to Livingston in Paris.
  • 1804, Apr 28: France discharged Hopes and Barings from their obligations.
  • 1804, Jul 01: First interest payment made on Louisiana stock.
  • 1804, Jul 12: Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury, died following a duel.
  • 1812: First redemption of stock (US$218,200) made.
  • 1823: Final redemption of stock (US$2,500) made.
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