Exhibition: George White, Barings' Troubleshooter

2: White's origins

Born in 1817 at Tolleshunt d'Arcy in Essex, George White was the son of a farmer. George moved to London with his sister Elizabeth and brother, Richard. Their father, who died in 1854 aged 83, and their eldest brother, a shopkeeper, remained in Essex.

In 1844 the White household comprising of George, Elizabeth and Richard was resident at 41 Cumming Street near King’s Cross, an area undergoing rapid development. It was not a fashionable area and in 1845 the Whites moved to the smarter climes of Peckham where they could rely on the Brighton and South Coast and South Eastern Railway to take them to their work in the City via London Bridge Station. They lived at 15 Hanover Street and then at Lyndhurst Road. Later they moved to Clapham Park.

George White found his way to Barings in 1834. He seized the opportunities offered to him at Barings and progressed swiftly through the ranks. By 1850 White was working closely with Thomas Baring, the senior partner, doing detailed analysis, planning and due diligence for bond issues. By the time of his retirement he was senior confidential clerk, number two in the hierarchy.

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