Exhibition: Extracts from An Oral History of Barings

15: Hearing news of the crisis

The staff began to appear in the office too, not summoned, they just appeared, from all over the place, and by Sunday afternoon the whole building was full of people.

Andrew Tuckey (b1943) originally trained as an accountant and joined Barings in 1968 from British American Tobacco. He specialised in corporate finance and had a particular interest in Far East business. He was Deputy Chairman of Barings plc in 1995 and continued for a period as a consultant with ING Barings.

Mary-Anne Daly (nee Wilkinson) (b1957) started her career with Chase Manhattan Bank and came to Barings corporate finance in 1988. She moved to the Paris office and later transferred to the asset management business. After returning to London she continued to work in Baring Asset Management private clients business until leaving in 2001.

Daphne Chidwick (b1934) was already an experienced secretary when she joined the typing pool at Barings in 1956. She went on to be senior secretary and later a manager. She stayed with the bank until retirement in 1992 when she took on the role of visitor to the Barings pensioners.

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