Exhibition: Extracts from An Oral History of Barings

1: Introduction

In 2009 The Baring Archive Limited commissioned An Oral History of Barings. The project was undertaken in partnership with National Life Stories at the British Library.

The extracts cover the following topics and range from the 1940s through to the 1990s.

Life at Stratton Park

Bishopsgate and war-time Barings

Stratton Park and fire watching duties

Being interviewed for Barings

Visiting the partners' room

Starting a joint venture in Nigeria

Becoming a computer specialist

Starting as a graduate trainee

Development of the art collection

The new 8 Bishopsgate and Barings' buildings

Hong Kong during the Stock Market Crash

Globalisation and the economic climate

Looking after clients in Japan

Hearing news of the crisis

The audio extracts included in this exhibition were selected from interviews made between 2009 and 2013. The original full length interviews are accessible at the British Library together with transcripts and content summaries. In some cases the interviews have been closed or partially closed to public access at the request of the speaker. Details of the full interviews can be found by searching the Sound & Moving Image Catalogue by interviewee name, keyword or by the collection reference number: C1367.

The extracts available here have been edited but every effort has been made to maintain the integrity and spirit of what was said. The views expressed are not necessarily those of The Baring Archive or National Life Stories at the British Library.

The copyright of all extracts is held by The British Library Board and The Baring Archive Limited 2012.

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